Close Friends:
Spryker and Turbine

The dream team
Whether we’re developing B2B or B2C platforms: As a framework, Spryker makes everything possible that our clients care about most. It is modular, open for customized development and frontend-agnostic. With this, we can develop platforms or marketplaces for entire industries.
We develop Spryker projects from the ground up. Or from existing foundations, if our clients are already using an e-commerce system in need of replacing. We have already implemented eleven projects with Spryker so far. That makes us the most experienced Spryker agency.

  • 11 B2C and B2B projects
  • 21 Spryker-certified developers
  • 6 experienced Spryker teams in total
  • Industry experience: electronics, construction machinery, fastening technology, fashion, food & beverage, art trade, plastics, chemicals, medicine and more
  • Knowledge transfer to build Spryker expertise on the client side

» Congratulations to Turbine Kreuzberg on completing the project successfully and to an extent I would not have thought possible. «

Jens Gamperl, CEO Sourceability

Working together, working better
What is so unique is that with Spryker, if forces are joint, state-of-the-art solutions can become reality much faster than elsewhere. Mutual inspiration can lead to the most valuable results. This is why we feel that client and agency should always work together. Whether by frequently exchanging thoughts on a project management level or synchronizing with developer teams, we like to share our knowledge with clients and partners in our project rooms in Berlin and Stuttgart. What’s more, we’d be happy to help you build your own Spryker team once your project is completed.

Quality: assured
Quality is a valuable asset to us. This is why we have optimized our Kubernetes and Docker based continuous delivery pipeline for Spryker. Our projects are safeguarded by QA workflows, code reviews and an automated testing. And by peer-reviews which are conducted ahead of all architectural decisions. Bottom line: we stand for high quality and short implementation times. And in order to constantly improve every single of our projects, we always keep an eye on operational performance.

Case Study: Sourceability
Sourceability is a global distributor in the electronic components industry. We digitalized its successful business by creating a sourcing platform, which accelerates procurement in the sector from days or even weeks to a matter of minutes.

Case Study: userwerk
userwerk is a provider of microshops for checkout pages. Within just two months, we built an MVP with Spryker that allowed the microshops to be easily adapted to new corporate designs and the products to be individually defined.

Case Study: Lumas
Lumas is an art retailer with an online store and 40 galleries across the world. We used Spryker to build a multistore platform that connected all the company’s stock in real time – both online and in the offline galleries.

Case Study: Siroop
Siroop, a B2C marketplace based in Switzerland, for Switzerland, began as a corporate venture startup by Swisscom and Coop. We created an MVP within just four months. It was the first Spryker project to go live.

Our services for Spryker projects

- Spryker implementation - Digital commerce strategy - Requirement analysis workshops - Software architecture workshops - Deployment pipelines (on premise or cloud) - Online marketing strategy - User experience and design - Knowledge transfer to build Spryker expertise on the client side - Project rooms in Berlin and Stuttgart for a close collaboration with clients and partners