Our teams design and implement commerce platforms and enterprise applications. We help companies operate their applications and advance them to the next level. We cover the entire application lifecycle and can always get started where you and your business need us the most.

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We develop platforms that help companies reach their goals even faster. Ready to take the lead?


Software made to measure, tailored to individual requirements. Goodbye, out-of-the-box. Hello, freedom to shape.


We model strategies to deliver on bold ambitions. With solid architecture work, implementation plans, and more.


Protecting your data and that of your customers. With digital footprint analysis, threat modeling, and vulnerability testing.


All systems nominal? We ensure that applications run smoothly with SLAs, monitoring and optimization.

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Seeing the big picture is half the battle.

In digital projects, one rule applies above all: see the whole board! Greenfield projects are the exception. And only astronauts really operate in a vacuum. Sooner or later, the brand-new always meets what's already there – and one digital initiative collides with another. Fortunately, we have the necessary technological expertise to know what's coming at every turn. And the experience to skillfully navigate through projects.

A new era in digitalization calls for clever combinations.

The technological challenges that companies have to face are becoming ever more demanding. And their requirements are increasingly complex. In the future, direct access to the latest technologies will be decisive for success. But technologies are becoming increasingly specialized and, above all, growing in number. Selecting the right technologies for the task at hand and combining them effectively is no easy exercise.

And it is our absolute specialty.

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highly adaptable.

Challenging tasks need much more than run-of-the-mill answers. That's why we are always able to switch gears, in order to assume the role that you and your projects require. We implement specific tech projects, act as an outsourced tech unit in the long term or support you in building up your own resources.

Project Development

Got a specific project that's ready for implementation? Let's get to work. We develop marketplaces, procurement platforms, online stores and custom enterprise applications.

Tech Unit

As your outsourced tech unit, we take responsibility for the technological development of entire company divisions. Always in partnership and in the long term.


Our experience, your gain. We support you in building up internal resources and skills through targeted workshops and joint project work.

What sets us apart.

We are one of the most experienced tech agencies in Germany for developing transactional digital platforms and custom enterprise applications. Our code is as clean as it is high-quality. And we deliver excellent results in the shortest possible time. Market-ready, to the point. Agile methods, a focus on test-driven development, and lots of project experience make it possible.

What makes us tick.

Code Quality

Let's unlock your potential.