We develop digital platforms, implement trailblazing projects with blockchain technology and accelerate digitalizing and automating supply chains through IoT. For each project, we develop a joint vision and an ideal implementation strategy together with our clients and partners. And then? We get to work building the right technological solution.


Our platforms bring companies and corporate start-ups closer to their goals. Ready for a head start?


Others talk. We start decentralized projects and build tech ventures that change entire industries.


A supply chain that's 100 % digital and makes organizations more efficient? With us, that's a reality.


We develop digital platforms and implement cutting-edge commerce and service models through technology. In doing so, we digitalize, optimize and automate companies’ business processes.

We are experts in platform models and deliver suitable technologies. Whether for marketplaces that bring together many users in different roles, B2B procurement platforms that map large assortments and product data volumes or service platforms that establish completely new usage models – we know which technological solutions ensure each platform’s success. And we implement them.

Logo Hornbach Expansion of digital commerce infrastructure
Logo Kollex Procurement platform for beverage industry
Logo Sourceability Global procurement platform for electronic components
Logo Swiss Krono Global product platform for wood-based materials manufacturer
Logo HKL Baumaschinen Rental platform for construction machinery
Logo Roche Product platform for diagnostics

Our speciality: requirements that deviate from the norm.

Our strength lies in custom development and combining technologies. We rely on established, modular frameworks that allow maximum flexibility. Because the online commerce of tomorrow and the day after will be even more dynamic than today. Standard solutions are becoming less and less suitable – technological expertise, speed and adaptability all the more so.

Our Platform Tech Stack


The next technological shift is in full swing – and it goes by the name of decentralization. This is why we are developing projects that demonstrate what is possible with blockchain technology: traceability across every point in the supply chain, transparency in the use of patients' health data, verifiable trading of CO2 certificates worldwide. Ideas that are now being implemented with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

And that is what we do. With technological solutions based on blockchain that show the value of decentralization – and why it changes everything.

ÐePA: the decentralized health record


We develop software that digitalizes and automates supply chains. One such solution is Resourceful – the platform for automated procurement. With it, we provide a platform through which sensors communicate with each other along the supply chain. Sensor data makes inventories and stock movements visible in real time. This means that goods are always in the right place at the right time. The result: an increase in productivity across the board.

Two supply chains are never the same. We implement the platform with custom requirements in mind for each respective use case. Resourceful is flexible, modular and scalable – on the construction site, in the logistics hub or in the hospital.