HKL is setting new standards in renting construction machinery. Together, we have developed a brand new rental platform that focuses on the needs of customers and brings the efficiency of HKL's core business to ever greater heights. With this tech project, HKL is setting in motion a new platform approach – one that will spill over into all its business areas.


A rental platform centered around users

Until now, renting out construction equipment has been a very analog business: customers make inquiries by phone, e-mail or in person at HKL centers and rental stations, and each order is processed manually. Direct, personal contact is seen as crucial. HKL, though, knows the potential it can tap by digitalizing its rental business. Together, our task was in rethinking the rental process for the digital age and simplifying it for customers, as well as HKL’s own teams.

B2B/B2C switch built right in

The rental platform we have developed for HKL is aimed equally at B2B and B2C customers. All customer groups benefit from an intuitive interface that allows for placing rental requests easily and getting feedback quickly. Customers can view inventory information, access product and accessory details, and calculate prices in real time. Shopping lists and multiple shopping carts round out the B2B rental experience.


»With Turbine Kreuzberg at our side, our goal of creating a holistic online platform that encompasses all HKL business areas will very soon become reality.

We needed a strong partner from the digital industry to meet the challenge of transferring our complex rental business to a platform, while at the same time bringing our existing customers along throughout the process. Turbine Kreuzberg’s team quickly embraced our business model and enabled us to think about our core business in a digital way.«

Arndt Rodewald
Managing Director of HKL Baumaschinen

100% platform-ready

With the new platform, we are establishing a lean, digital rental process. Customers specify the desired rental period, location and products. The system then automatically generates a rental request that can be viewed and evaluated by HKL employees. The latter compile all necessary details and extend suitable offers for each respective inquiry, which customers can in turn accept or reject.


HKL dispatch staff also benefit considerably from the platform in their daily work. Gone are the days of analog rental requests and researching the best availability and details for each order individually. The online platform bundles all important information and generates high-quality inquiries that can be processed more efficiently. As a result, rental dispatchers are growing into an increasingly advisory role.

How we did it
To build the platform, we implemented Oro Commerce. This made it possible to precisely model all the processes that are necessary for an online rental service. At the same time, we created an optimal basis for the platform's future development.


Rental platforms are much more complex than ordinary online stores. They must be able to handle constantly changing dependencies between the number of products, rental periods, accessories, locations and prices – all in real time. Rental requests are individual and variable; a platform needs to allow for unplanned, often weather-related changes in rental duration and construction progress. Add to this is a diverse product portfolio – the combination of products and matching accessories creates an enormous variety.


  • Consulting for business model digitalization
  • Requirement engineering and management
  • System architecture design
  • User experience and interface design
  • Platform development with OroCommerce
  • Modelling rental process workflows
  • Supporting infrastructure setup
  • Design and implementation of web service architecture to connect ERP and PIM
  • Continuous integration with own CI-pipeline

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