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Unleash Your B2B Commerce Potential

OroCommerce is the leading e-commerce platform designed to meet the unique needs of B2B businesses. It combines a powerful out-of-the-box feature set with strong customizability for B2B processes.

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OroCommerce Drives Sales for Manufacturers,
Distributors, and Wholesalers

Commerce Tailored To Your B2B Needs

We use OroCommerce to build platforms that meet highly-specific B2B requirements. This includes multiple users and permission levels, contract pricing, complex product catalogs, and pricing matrices. Right out of the box.

Boost Your Operational Efficiency

OroCommerce automates sales with a unified approach for B2B, B2C, & B2B2X operations. Seamlessly integrate multiple business units, brands, and locations. Streamline quote management and inventory control. And scale your commerce platform as your business grows.

Stay Flexible in Dynamic B2B Markets

With OroCommerce, you can configure your commerce capabilities dynamically and adapt to changing buyer needs. Optimize conversions by adjusting sales experiences and deliver personalized customer experiences for improved customer satisfaction.

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Our OroCommerce services

We're ready to get started wherever you stand, from replatforming your existing B2B commerce operation to starting out from scratch.

  • Implementation from the ground up
  • Replatforming and migration of existing commerce infrastructure
  • Application management and technical platform operation
  • B2B commerce strategy consulting
  • Tech strategy and architecture design
  • Requirements engineering
  • User experience and design
  • Knowledge transfer to build up OroCommerce expertise


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Success Story

Using OroCommerce, we developed a rental platform for HKL that puts its customers’ needs front and center, and makes HKL's core business even more efficient. Since launch, HKL has continued to bring its platform strategy into all its business areas.

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5 Reasons We Choose OroCommerce

#1: Put Convenience in B2B

B2B buyers demand the simplicity of consumer shopping experiences, necessitating seamless interfaces and efficient checkout processes in B2B platforms.

Traditional commerce systems often fall short for B2B needs, which include complex features such as cart-dependent discounts and variable tax rates. Custom development is typically required to accommodate these intricate transactional requirements. With OroCommerce, that type of convenience is already already built in, making go-lives a matter of months not years.

#2: Streamlined B2B Workflows

OroCommerce's workflow engine enables customization of B2B workflows, ensuring that store operators can tailor buying and selling processes, including checkout modifications and automated email triggers, to fit specific business needs. The platform enhances sales team and customer interaction, streamlining responses to orders and inquiries.

Integration with OroCRM allows for comprehensive management of sales, customer service, and marketing, while configurable dashboards, reporting, and advanced segmentation help trigger targeted marketing strategies.

#3: Easily Integrate Advanced Business Features

OroCommerce adeptly handles complex pricing structures, account management across numerous entities, and international tax variations. The system's flexible user management allows for personalized pricing and product offerings for different user groups.

#4: Future-Proof Architecture

Built on the robust Symfony framework, OroCommerce offers a flexible architecture for customization. Its developer-friendly API facilitates secure and straightforward integration with existing ERP or PIM systems, streamlining user access management without the need for ongoing developer support.

#5: Custom Pricing, Custom Content

OroCommerce delivers dynamic pricing and content personalization for B2B operations. Customize price lists for any customer or entity, featuring extensive product ranges, multiple price tiers, and various currencies.

Likewise, distribute specialized content effortlessly. Craft distinct product catalogs for different companies, departments, or even individual purchasers, granting them access to their unique selections.

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