Together with our clients, we get down to the nitty-gritty. We develop integrated technology strategies and design architectures for applications and system landscapes. We provide the rationale for implementing new technological approaches, audit existing infrastructures, and conceptualize performance improvements. With clear action plans and roadmaps for evaluation right in one go. We want to find the right technological answer to every question. Our mission? Making technology understandable, assessable and applicable.

Our Tech
Consulting Services

Tech Strategy

We create holistic strategies that lay the technical foundation for high-quality performance and increased efficiency. With practicable goals, roadmaps and projects, so companies can fulfill their potential.

Solution Architecture

We solve business problems through technology. By identifying requirements and determining best-of-breed technology that ensures a lean and effective implementation. Always critical and collaborative.

Software Architecture

Sound software development starts at the drawing board. Planned by architects who are both visionary and pragmatic. Our architectures produce software that adapts, scales and performs.

Tech Strategy, or how to turn goals into reality

Technological strategies are the bedrock for achieving company goals. More turnover, sales, employees or simply: more "impact"? Together, we analyze how the status quo meets tomorrow’s demands, determine the technological target vision, and craft the right plan to achieve it.

From this, we derive suitable technological recommendations and initiatives. The result? The ability to put new digital retail models to the test, develop efficient data and process applications, or scenarios for entire technological carve-outs. That’s how we respond to fast-changing tech environments, reduce complexity, and lay the groundwork for true innovation.

Solution Architecture
As complex as necessary, as collaborative as possible.

Solution architecture creates the bridge between strategy and implementation. Guided by your overall business strategy, we create technical blueprints to solve business-related challenges. In doing so, we examine business processes, scrutinize proposed solutions, show alternatives, and specify requirements. Always collaboration, always in sync. The strength of our solution architects? Reducing technical complexity, abstracting and going deep in the right places.

Software Architecture
Built for lasting change

We develop software architectures that cover more than the requirements of the first hour - but their evolution. We select the development approaches, programming languages, frameworks, tools and services that best fit the task. And model high-performance, scalable systems, with software components that work together smoothly. From the first sketch to the umpteenth iteration, whether monolithic, service- or microservices-based. And always to the highest quality.

Tech Research
There is no single right approach. Let’s find it nonetheless.

To make strategic technology decisions easier for everyone, we evaluate and test emerging technologies. Both in our own exploratory projects, as well as with clients and partners. This has resulted in all sorts of things: a self-ordering IoT shelf with an open procurement platform, a decentralized medical health record or an asset tokenization platform. Sometimes our tests end in success, sometimes the trial itself is success enough.

In other words, we're ready. Digital twins for production machinery, automated processing of insurance claims, decentralized energy trading... or a completely different idea? Let's get started.

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