Global Player with New Digital Appeal

The name SWISS KRONO stands for sustainable and innovative solutions in wood processing. In addition to its Swiss plant in Menznau, the SWISS KRONO company group produces highly successfully in France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and the USA – and supplies two thirds of all countries of the world with its products. The national subsidiary companies operate largely autonomously within their respective markets, having their own management and organisational structures. Additionally, these market subsidiaries have a wide range of freedom within the group's brand architecture, with each employing individual branding elements. Yet due to this focussed attention on national markets with their own production, marketing and adapted databases, the SWISS KRONO Group’s role as a global player could not be optimally experienced.

We have set ourselves the target to place the SWISS KRONO brand under a common banner online, so that the Group is perceived in new markets as what it is: one of the strongest manufacturers of wood-based materials in the world. For a company as broadly positioned as SWISS KRONO, building a global web presence faces a key challenge: bringing together the product diversity of its national companies, while at the same time maintaining market-specific freedoms. The aim was therefore not only to harmonise the external profile in the style of the newly developed umbrella brand SWISS KRONO, but rather to integrate the individual product palettes of the national companies into a global portfolio with three categories: Interiors, Flooring and Building Materials.

We have created a global platform that bundles the product data of all the group's individual branches and makes the entire product range presentable beyond national borders. The long-term goal is to establish a uniform product database within the SWISS KRONO Group. Through this, all innovations and changes in the portfolio can be implemented faster, more efficiently and from a single source. Under the umbrella of the global SWISS KRONO platform, it will also be much easier to manage cross-market campaigns for the introduction of additional product ranges. At the same time, the company is well positioned digitally to implement future changes in its sales strategy in an agile manner. The site design is based on SWISS KRONO’s new brand design and conveys precision, clarity, quality and confidence. We realize this ambitious project from the earliest digital strategy consulting stage, to the concept phase and design, as well as its technological implementation – all in one piece.

»The product platform makes an important contribution to bringing our national companies together under the SWISS KRONO Group umbrella brand. It sets the course for us to remain one of the world leaders in our industry in the future in these times of digital change, while at the same time preserving the independence of our organisations in the various markets.«

Fabian Koelliker, Head of Group Marketing, SWISS KRONO Group

We manage the rollout of the global site and the integration of all market subsidiaries into the project. The global portal is live since the beginning of April 2018 and will be rolled out successively in the Group's eight markets. So far, the local version for Switzerland has already been launched. In the future, visitors to will either be automatically redirected to the corresponding country page or be able to select their preferred location. In that way, they are shown a specific corresponding assortment, which is derived from the new, global product database.

By implementing a global product platform, SWISS KRONO is undertaking a fundamental innovation and an important step towards digital transformation. The platform is not only the basis for a uniform brand presence with global appeal, but also leaves room for possible future global strategic adjustments. In addition, the autonomous national branches benefit from synergy effects: The product databases and websites, which were previously operated independently, no longer have to be maintained on their own and content is generated centrally for everyone to use.


  • Digitization strategy for a highly scaled analog business model
  • Conceptualization and realization of design and user interface
  • Integration of brand portal and platform frontend on the basis of TYPO3
  • Use of ElasticSearch on AWS for fast and accurate search results
  • Adaptation of the standard assortment from Legacy PIM
  • Preparation and implementation of country rollouts