Spryker: B2B Marketplaces Expert Voices

»The most important factors that lead B2B marketplaces to success – and the sure-fire route to failure.«

We joined up with Spryker and other experts in the commerce space to share real insights into B2B marketplaces. Read up on

  • What you should focus on when building your B2B marketplace strategy
  • Technological factors you are sure to face during implementation
  • Why it's now or never for marketplaces in B2B
  • Plus: quotes from expert CEOs, entrepreneurs, partners, and board members in the industry.

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»Any B2B marketplace project in which you are not managing product and customer data models, customer-specific pricing and ERP integrations from day one, will most certainly fail. Most importantly, these topics are not just tickets in your backlog, but real projects in their own right.« – Christopher Möhle, COO Turbine Kreuzberg