Turbine Kreuzberg Supports Intersport Digital with Tech Expertise

September 8, 2022

Berlin. Intersport Digital, a subsidiary of global sports retailer Intersport, and Turbine Kreuzberg have launched a new technological partnership. Intersport is boosting its upcoming digital initiatives by drawing on the experience of Turbine Kreuzberg's teams in building complex digital platforms and custom enterprise software.

So far, Turbine Kreuzberg has been consulting Intersport on technological strategy, resulting in a sound technological basis upon which to launch the company’s new digital offerings. One pivotal action item has been assessing technologies that equally match Intersport's requirements and ambitions for the future.

“Our entire team is thrilled to welcome Intersport Digital to our growing roster of partners. We see our role in showing what is possible from a technological standpoint and providing clear options, supporting with our expertise wherever we can”, says Christopher Möhle, Managing Director at Turbine Kreuzberg. “We’re already looking forward to showing the results of our partnership.”

“Our customers are eager for new ways to engage with the products and brands we offer, as well as with each other. Having Turbine Kreuzberg on board ensures that we continue to move forward on solid technological footing", explains Carsten Schmitz, Managing Director of Intersport Digital and Chief Digital Officer at Intersport.

"Having Turbine Kreuzberg on board ensures that we continue to move forward on solid technological footing."

– Carsten Schmitz, Managing Director of Intersport Digital and Chief Digital Officer at Intersport

Intersport Digital is tasked with advancing Intersport's transformation into a fully digital retail organization. It is the driving force behind the company's collaborative digital commerce platform, as well as a service provider for all of its independent retailers. In 2021, Intersport reported a record 12.2 bn euros (+20.7 %) in overall global revenue.

Turbine Kreuzberg has been putting an emphasis on technical consulting in its most recent projects. “We are seeing a rising demand for technical consulting from our clients. Our project partners are looking to see technological possibilities more broadly and how they can integrate them, as well as for guidance on different scenarios. At the same time, many of the projects we work in are dealing more and more with the heart of companies’ digital landscapes, for example building or overhauling entire system landscapes”, explains Bernd Alter, Co-CTO at Turbine Kreuzberg.

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a technology agency based in Berlin. With its broad technological expertise, the agency is able to cover the entire application lifecycle. It implements digital projects across the three areas: Platform Technology, Application Management and Tech Innovation. Turbine Kreuzberg's teams support companies in implementing new platforms, technically operating applications and advancing existing solutions. In addition, the agency tests emerging technologies, develops prototypes to market maturity and is actively involved in technological research projects. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the more than 130 tech experts work at offices in Faro (Portugal).

About Intersport Digital

Intersport Digital GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of Intersport Deutschland eG. Intersport Deutschland eG is a purchasing cooperative founded in Heilbronn in 1956, which has developed into a service center over the past few decades that has outgrown its original purpose. In 2013 Intersport ventured into e-commerce. The predecessor company of Intersport Digital GmbH was founded with Intersport Multichannel GmbH. In 2016, the digital strategy was revised and the cooperative retailer platform, now known as the playmaker principle, was implemented. Furthermore, one of the main claims and tasks is to support the mostly small and medium-sized retailers in the introduction of digital processes and tools.