When it comes to customer experiences, B2B can still learn a lot from B2C. Whoever puts customer needs first has a clear advantage. This is also true for Aventics, a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems. With over 150 years of experience and a footprint in over 30 countries, the technology company wants to put more emphasis on its customer centricity. After having already started initial digitalization projects, Aventics wants to take even better advantage of the opportunities posed by digitalization and automation.

We were tasked with developing a digital sales and marketing strategy for the next three years. Front and center: attracting new customers and binding them more closely. The express goal was increasing the impact of all digital measures and creating a basis for concrete yearly project planning and periodic performance measurements.

We supported Aventics in arriving at a detailed overview of existing digital initiatives and pooling them. We developed a new shared vision and specific measures for Aventics in order to help the pneumatics experts reach their digital customers more systematically.

Aventics already had initiated digitalization projects in various divisions. To bring the most important actors to the table and make an integrated strategy possible, we broke up existing structures. We defined three fields of action: digital business, digital sales and digital marketing. In addition, we established a project team that included experts for all areas.

Central to our planned measures is creating a Digital Competence Center, which pools existing resources in the digital value chain and makes it possible to utilize synergies in knowledge and capabilities.

Together, we analyzed the as-is state and integrated all relevant actors, as well as existing projects. We developed an integrated, strategic overview of the project and a shared vision. From this, we derived a comprehensive digital strategy – including practicable measures, which will make Aventics faster across its digital channels and put increased focus on the digital customer. We concentrated on interlocking individual projects and activities, defining priorities and shaping digitalization with customer needs in mind. By doing this, we created actual value for customers and helped Aventics in reaching its digital customers more precisely.

»Together with Turbine we succeeded in creating a reliable basis of information regarding the digital initiatives within our company. Now, we can build upon this basis and make decisions systematically as part of our digital strategy.«

Andreas Hart, Director Digital Business, Aventics GmbH


  • Analyzing the business model, markets and competition
  • Developing a shared vision and digital business objectives
  • Defining and analyzing digital customers and their needs
  • Developing fields of action and recommended measures in the following areas:
            – technological infrastructure
            – online marketing
            – generating leads and marketing automation
            – product access and usability
            – delivery process
            – controlling