Turbine Kreuzberg and Pistor AG Advance Partnership for Digital Initiatives

January 19, 2022

  • Expansion of Pistor's digital commerce landscape with Spryker
  • New benchmark in connected procurement for the Swiss food industry

Berlin. Pistor AG, the Swiss distributor of hospitality, bakery and care supplies, is relying on Turbine Kreuzberg's platform expertise to put new digital initiatives into practice technologically. One of the long-term partnership's focus areas lies in intensively expanding Pistor's digital commerce landscape. The technological basis for this is Spryker, whose modular Commerce OS is particularly suited to bringing innovative retail models into the digital space.

The aim of the collaboration between Pistor and Turbine Kreuzberg is to establish a new benchmark for connected procurement in the Swiss food, non-food and care market. Relying on a collaborative network approach has always been an integral part of Pistor's company DNA: the distributor was founded as a purchasing cooperative formed by Swiss bakeries in 1916.

"For over one hundred years, Pistor AG has been defined by intensely focussing on service and interconnectedness. It is precisely this approach that we will be reinforcing in our digital efforts," says Michèle Waeber, Head of HR and ICT at Pistor AG. "With Turbine Kreuzberg's technological expertise and the high Spryker capabilities of its development teams, we are able to successively and consistently put our digital strategy into practice.

Since implementing its first Spryker platform in 2015, the technology agency Turbine Kreuzberg now counts seventeen Spryker-based projects that its teams have either successfully completed or are currently implementing. In addition to this wealth of experience, Turbine Kreuzberg was able to particularly impress with its approach to software projects, in which development is accompanied by a dedicated delivery management service. The aim is to make even the most complex projects run smoothly by relying on a granular controlling setup with near daily updates, regular steering meetings, as well as a clear division of roles with direct communication channels and transparent processes.

"To implement digital initiatives of this kind successfully and simultaneously break new ground on the tech side, you need absolute trust among everyone involved in the project and its progress. That's precisely what our implementation approach aims to achieve. We are looking forward to proving this together with Pistor AG as our partner, as well as to presenting the first results of our collaboration soon," explains Christopher Möhle, COO at Turbine Kreuzberg.

With Turbine Kreuzberg's technological expertise and the high Spryker capabilities of its development teams, we are able to consistently put our digital strategy into practice.
– Michèle Waeber, Head of HR and ICT at Pistor AG

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a technology agency based in Berlin. With its broad technological expertise, the agency is able to cover the entire application lifecycle. It implements digital projects across the three areas: Platform Technology, Application Management and Tech Innovation. Turbine Kreuzberg's teams support companies in implementing new platforms, technically operating applications and advancing existing solutions. In addition, the agency tests emerging technologies, develops prototypes to market maturity and is actively involved in technological research projects. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the more than 90 tech experts work at offices in Faro (Portugal) and Leipzig.

About Pistor AG
Pistor AG is the leading distributor and service company for the bakery and confectionery industry as well as for the hospitality and care sectors. As an independent partner, Pistor supports its partners in focusing optimally on the needs of their respective customers, increasing sales and reducing expenses. The basis for this is a comprehensive product range, innovative services and a large network of specialists. From these three areas, Pistor offers exactly what makes its customers more successful with modular individual solutions.