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Key Challenges
Plotting your path to tech success

Building on the right strategic foundations is pivotal to successfully deploying tech in business. Yet all too often, business goals and technology simply don’t match. Legacy systems stifle innovation, roadmaps remain fuzzy, and complex IT landscapes cause nothing but headaches. Transform your tech stack into an enabler of innovation and growth. And scale your technological capabilities in line with your strategic objectives.

Our Approach
Level up your tech strategy

Our well-versed consultants build holistic tech strategies, from the first deep dive to the deciding competitive edge for your organization. And they design solutions that match your requirements, building on architectures that unlock new value and flexibility. Future-proof your success with a solid strategic foundation and solutions tailored to your needs.


What we do

Solution Design

Our consultants help define requirements, evaluate options and propose the best solution architecture tailored to your business objectives. We define architectural guidelines and solutions based on your strategy. To find the right tech stack, our consultants continuously identify and assess the best-of-breed tools, platforms, and methodologies to provide you with a competitive edge.

Tech Strategy

We ask the questions that matter and take strides to really understand your organization’s business objectives. For that, we conduct deep dives and workshops to gain insights into your current technology infrastructure, processes, and pain points. From there, we build a sustainable and scalable tech strategy, for example, via a transformation or carve-out approach with actionable roadmaps and prioritized recommendations.

Systems Architecture

Our experts lay out the big picture, determining primary system components and how they will interact. This includes selecting suitable technologies, as well as defining integration points and designing APIs, middleware solutions, and data exchange. All built to scale and with long-term sustainability in mind.

Software Architecture

Our architects build software architectures that cover more than the requirements of the first hour, but their evolution. We select development approaches, programming languages, frameworks, tools and services that best fit the task. And model high-performance, scalable systems, with software components that work together smoothly. From the first sketch to the umpteenth iteration, whether monolithic, service- or microservices-based.


Your Gain
Consulting for doers, by doers

Set your organization up for success with a comprehensive technology roadmap. And cutting-edge solutions that do everything from optimizing operations, driving efficiencies, and enhancing customer experiences, to creating a foundation for future growth and innovation. That’s because we don’t just consult and move on, we know what’s required to implement our recommendations as well. And we can do it, too.

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Manuel Blümel
Solution Architect