We are Turbine Kreuzberg

Because the future starts today. And right now. And now... With digital strategies and pioneering technologies for product platforms, marketplaces, and customized applications. And a partner who can adapt dynamically to your requirements.

»I’ve always managed to pull everything off on my own.«
Did no one - ever

A clear focus and larger scope

Visions are not commodities and are instead the result of collaboration. After identifying the user’s needs, we work with you and the project partners to develop strategies and solutions that will meet your business goals. As a team. On the same wavelength. Keeping the future in sight – and sometimes even the ocean, too, at our office in Faro, Portugal.

Your open space for digital projects

Geared towards collaboration and knowledge transfer: as a platform for digital projects, we combine our own expertise with that of our clients and partners. And we rely on agile teams and our own project spaces to do so. This is how we meet both the technical and space requirements for implementing projects quickly and efficiently – and most importantly, together.

From all over and with good reason

When an idea is “super cool”, you need to say so. No matter whether it came from the client, a user, an intern, or...the boss. In an open culture that fosters healthy debate in both technical and substantive matters, as the saying goes, perfect is the enemy of good – not the boss. The key here is to THINK OUT LOUD.

There’s no common denominator for 90 different consultants, developers, and designers. There are three, in fact: experience, integrity, and guts.

It’s those areas where you can’t make progress on your own

You’ll find our 90+ consultants, developers, and designers in Berlin, Stuttgart, Leipzig, and even 3,000 kilometers away in Faro, Portugal. They put forth bold ideas and forward-looking solutions in all areas. Why? To help you take the next step at the critical moment. And the next.

We’re shaping the market together

And using powerful technology to do so