Order in 60 seconds: Turbine Kreuzberg launches innovative purchasing tool for B2B commerce

Press Release

  • From the Excel list to the real-time offer
  • Orders of up to 5,000 units in e-commerce platforms can be processed automatically in future

Berlin, February 13, 2019 - The digital agency Turbine Kreuzberg is using the commerce feature fastQuote to dynamize existing ordering processes in B2B commerce. With the new tool, requests for quotations become very easy: The 'Bill of Materials', or BOM for short, which is common in procurement, can be transferred directly to external ordering platforms based on Spryker Commerce OS using the new feature from Turbine Kreuzberg. All articles contained in a bill of materials are automatically searched for in the offer catalogue and available offers are displayed depending on price and delivery time.

"The technology could be used in a variety of industries where similar products repeatedly need to be ordered for purchasing, such as mechanical engineering, or in the automotive sector," says Daniel Nill, CEO of Turbine Kreuzberg. "Buyers can upload order lists into the system conveniently and efficiently as CSV or Excel files and receive a suitable quotation in real time. This can then be individually adapted. This allows buyers to choose the optimum balance between delivery time and price. What used to take days can now be processed in hours or even minutes. Both are important steps in the direction of automated demand fulfillment in B2B".

Feature increases efficiency and customer centricity in B2B
The lists, which often contain several thousand items, usually contain information on the individual parts required, the desired quantity and price range as well as information on the respective manufacturer. From the buyer's point of view, the added value of the fastQuote feature lies in the enormous time savings. "If fastQuote were in widespread use, it would have enormous significance for the role of the buyer per se. The freed-up capacity would allow buyers to concentrate more on the strategic part of their work," explains Nill.

Another focus is on the user-friendliness of the tool. "Order processes in B2B segments are still more complex and lengthy than efficient and convenient," explains Nill. "It was therefore important for us to focus on customer centricity from the very beginning of development. It is still far too often assumed that a good user experience only plays a role in the B2C environment. But from the user's point of view, the ordering of hundreds or thousands of items must be designed to be convenient and efficient. Our feature shows that this is possible".

First application in the procurement of electronic components
The feature was developed as part of the Sourcengine platform implemented by Turbine Kreuzberg, which is used to trade electronic parts in real time and with global transparency. Officially launched in October 2018, the platform of independent distributor Sourceability comprises a catalog of around 550 million parts. Buyers can access the product range of currently almost 1400 manufacturers and dealers. However, the technology also holds enormous transformation potential for other industries.

Further information on Sourcengine: turbinekreuzberg.com/en/cases/sourceability

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