Turbine Kreuzberg Supports Hornbach with Technological Expertise

Press Release

Berlin, 20.10.2020 – Berlin digital agency Turbine Kreuzberg is launching a joint platform project with Hornbach Baumarkt AG. Turbine Kreuzberg will put its technological expertise at the service of the DIY chain and support it in implementing Spryker Commerce OS in order to expand its digital sales infrastructure.

Hornbach chooses Spryker Platinum Solutions Partner with the most expertise

A decisive factor in awarding the contract was the wealth of experience on the agency side. Turbine Kreuzberg is specialized in developing digital platforms to implement transactional business models. In recent years, the digital agency has most often used Spryker to implement platform projects and has built up a broad range of expertise: Turbine Kreuzberg employs 21 Spryker-certified developers and is able to deploy six in-house Spryker teams.

The joint project with Hornbach is the twelfth Spryker-based platform project the agency has implemented within the last five years.

"The Turbine Kreuzberg team’s enormous experience in implementing and developing commerce platforms using Spryker drove our decision in choosing a project partner. The agency is exactly the right partner for us to dynamically expand our digital landscape," says Dr. Tobias Deutschmann, Enterprise Architect, Hornbach Baumarkt AG.

"We are delighted that Hornbach has chosen us – and with it, one of the strongest players in the currently booming DIY market. We are encountering a challenging project with the best prerequisites: a high level of ambition, a forward-looking vision and a broadly differentiated technological landscape, which we will continue to develop together", says Christopher Möhle, CEO of Turbine Kreuzberg and responsible for the agency's platform business.

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a digital agency from Berlin. As a project partner with a high level of technological expertise, the company develops digital platforms that digitize and automate corporate processes – from procurement and production, to sales and logistics. In this way, Turbine Kreuzberg opens up new opportunities for businesses and society to interact and conduct trade. Technologically, Turbine Kreuzberg's focus lies in the fields of digital commerce, blockchain and IoT/sensor technology. The 100 experts work at offices in Berlin, Faro (Portugal), and Leipzig.