Property Management – Decentralized.

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With Immochain, we've built a decentralized application that helps you manage real estate properties.

Users can create, manage and transfer ownership shares in properties, as well as collaborate and share information – all without relying on central servers. We've developed Immochain as a showcase to illustrate how using decentralized technologies can bring a new level of trust, transparency and traceability to real estate.

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Like your passport, but for real estate.

Put simply, Immochain acts as a single point of truth for real estate properties. It allows you to create digital twins for each of your properties that contain all the corresponding information needed to manage them, including ownership structures, contracts and other relevant documentation.

Depending on their assigned role, users can edit assets. For example, owners can add or update information, while tenants can view it. And an audit trail tracks all changes throughout. With this transparency and traceability, our aim is to create a new level of trust in real estate – and its built right into the underlying technologies.

Make ownership transparent. And adjust, transfer and trade as needed.

At the same time, Immochain is much more than a place to store and share information. We use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to digitize ownership structures for real estate assets and allow users to adjust them flexibly. Every property is represented by a unique token, which can be split into subtokens for each specific ownership share. Whoever holds a token, owns a share in the property, and can trade and transfer it as they like.

Effectively, we are showing that a decentralized tech stack can bring the analog land registry and real estate market to the digital age.


Manage properties

Create digital twins for different properties, maintain an overview, and keep them up to date by adding relevant information.

Store & manage information

Attach information to each property and store documents as attachments to keep everyone in the know with ongoing developments.

Split & merge assets

Divide properties into multiple parts or consolidate them. Map ownership structures and adjust them accordingly.

Transfer & trade shares

Change ownership of entire assets or asset shares by transferring tokens between users.

Collaborate on shared assets

Assign roles and rights to other users involved with your assets. Manage properties together or give others viewing priviledges.

Keep audit trail

Keep track of the whole property history and all changes made, from the smallest details to token transfers, splits or mergers.

Technology Stack

Built on a decentralized tech stack.

Immochain is built on a fully decentralized technology stack, bringing their built-in benefits with it. We mainly rely on the Ethereum blockchain, smart contracts, IPFS, and standardized ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Ethereum is the largest blockchain ecosystem with high maturity, adoption, and interoperability. We use smart contracts for automation, increasing efficiency and establishing trust, such as in safekeeping tokens and funds after successful transactions. IPFS allows us to attach encrypted information and documents to tokens without using central servers. The »interplanetary filesystem« splits files into small fragments and distributes them throught the network, enabling highly secure storage.

We rely on internationally interoperable token standards, which are potentially tradable anywhere and compatible with other solutions and exchanges. In addition, they are compatible with most wallets. And it allows for a high degree of flexibility, because NFTs are tradable, can be split and merged, or transferred – all cryptographically secure and in a trasparent, traceable manner.


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Use Cases

Applicable just about everywhere in real estate.
Immochain has a broad range of day-to-day applications in real estate – from developing a property to managing, financing, renting or selling it. Throughout, Immochain's single point of truth and complete audit trail makes processes more efficient and tasks easier to carry out.

Owners' associations in apartment or office buildings can jointly manage documents, automatically assign ownership rights and priviledges, and collaborate more easily.

Rental companies or owners leasing out their properties can make information regarding each unit and its history available to their tenants.

While a property is being developed, all the involved parties, such as owners, developers, or architects can maintain a shared document management system, which changes ownership when the property is completed or sold.

Financial institutions have an easier time of appraising properties, because all information is digitized and available instantly, including an entire property history.

Real estate investors or funds can manage multiple assets more efficiently, as well as administer shares and collaborate with other parties.

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