Before our first line of code, we make sure that conditions are just right for applications to deliver top performance. Even if we haven't developed them ourselves. Using SLAs, sophisticated monitoring and high-capacity CI/CD pipelines, we optimize how each application is operated and ensure it runs smoothly. We rely on automated processes and test-driven development throughout. That's how we make running applications more cost-efficient and increase their performance. No matter what you throw at them.

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Our Application
Management Services


Our support models are tailored to your needs. From Monday to Friday up to 24/7 – just what your systems require.


We measure your application's stability and performance in real time. Using the right tools for each case, such as Instana, New Relic or Dynatrace.


We optimize processes, push updates and ensure security. So that your application is as robust as possible and runs at maximum capacity.

Analysis & Audit

We always start by assessing code quality, infrastructure and the deployment process. And then we develop the optimal approach for operation.


With a high level of test coverage and automation in our deployment processes, we make applications more stable and reduce operating costs in the long term.

Tech Consulting

We put our wealth of experience and expertise in operating platforms to use – and advise you on how to further optimize your application.

Bringing together what belongs together: Dev & Ops.

Being thorough and efficient when first developing a platform is a prerequisite for operating it smoothly. Still, when support cases do arise with complex applications, it's usually the developer team that has to handle them. That's why for us, operation and development go hand in hand. And work as closely as possible at every step.

Production-ready from day one.

We rely on our standardized toolsets that have proven themselves in numerous platform projects. This allows us to be productive right from the start, bringing applications and cloud infrastructures to market quickly. And for everything that goes beyond the standard, we've got loads of platform experience to guide us.

Tech Stack / Application Management


Tailored to custom enterprise applications

Our teams do more than develop world-class enterprise applications – we are able to run them as well. With a reliable operating model, continuous optimization and meticulous development, we ensure a maximum of performance and stability. Our application management includes support models up to 24/7 with individual SLAs, incident runbooks, comprehensive monitoring, and high test coverage and automation in development.


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Matthias Gronwald, Co-CTO