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A cloud infrastructure for supply chain automation.

Resourceful is an intelligent platform that automates supply chain management. It digitalizes the procurement process as well as stock inventories, and connects the individual points along the supply chain with each other. The result? Goods are always available when they are needed. Productivity soars. As if by magic.

Say what you need. Let Resourceful worry about the rest.

Resourceful starts with a simple list that contains all products and goods that are procured on a regular basis. Then, users determine the parameters for purchasing, such as price range, delivery times or sources. Resourceful takes care of the rest of the procurement process by itself – completely automated. That’s what procurement should always be like, you say? We think so, too.

Supply chains can talk. Finally, someone is listening.

Through Resourceful, sensors along the entire supply chain can communicate with each other. This makes inventories, stock movements and consumption visible in real time. The data gained on usage and demand helps to continuously optimize purchasing and warehousing. A supply chain that knows what it needs and acts accordingly reduces storage, waste and process costs. And as for efficiency? There’s no way but up.

No two supply chains are the same. That's what Resourceful is made for.

Resourceful adapts to the individual use case, not the other way around. The platform is based on a microservices architecture: individual features are independent, decoupled processes that communicate with each other via APIs. This makes Resourceful easier to implement, simpler to manage, and faster to scale. Prefer to start small and roll out successively? No problem.


Open to all. From hospitals to construction sites.

Resourceful is not an industry-specific solution, but deliberately developed to be open for different sectors. In some industries, automated supply chains are already part of everyday life; in others, they are far-off dreams of the future. That doesn't have to be the case. With Resourceful, we’re bringing water to dry land. We want to make the benefits of automated procurement available to all.


Smart procurement requires transparent supply chains. Resourceful helps you keep track of inventory, demand, and stock movement.

Smart Ordering

Resourceful uses smart ordering strategies and takes into account a wide range of order criteria. For example, it can optimize by price or delivery costs.

Order Prediction

Resourceful is constantly learning. The software recognizes patterns in usage data and can predict which goods are needed in which quantities and when.

Delivery Detection

Your supplier has restocked your warehouse? Resourceful knows and notifies authorized personnel or downstream stations.


Resourceful compiles all data on usage and movement of goods in an analytics tool. This provides the right basis for good decisions.


Resourceful continuously monitors its functionality and that of all stations along the intelligent supply chain. If a sensor fails, corrective action can be taken immediately.

Universal API

Resourceful speaks many languages. The platform interfaces with other systems, sensors and existing infrastructure.