German Government Awards Turbine Kreuzberg Seal for Entrepreneurial Innovation

October 4, 2023

Turbine Kreuzberg is awarded for its contribution to the development of decentralized electronic health records

Berlin. The software company Turbine Kreuzberg is granted this seal, which is awarded exclusively by a subsidiary of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage, BSFZ) for companies whose research and development activities are proof of their entrepreneurial innovation competence. Turbine Kreuzberg receives the prestigious seal for its work on the decentralized electronic health record, or DEHR.

"The current approach to health records has long required a discussion of alternatives"

– Alexander Janthur, Founder and Owner

The DEHR is a proposed infrastructure for the intrinsically secure storage and trustworthy exchange of medical data between all actors in the healthcare system. Turbine Kreuzberg had developed a prototype with corresponding infrastructure for this in 2020/21, relying on key decentralized technologies, such as blockchain-based identities, smart contracts and the distributed file system IPFS. The result is an infrastructure that works completely without central storage and transparently regulates data access. The system relies on international data standards, connectivity to established HIS, billing or doctor offices systems and offers technological interoperability to enable a European scaling. Thus, the DEHR has created a secure, trustworthy and interoperable foundation for the healthcare system.

"The current centralized approach to health records with outdated specifications and the use of proprietary hardware has long required a discussion of alternatives," says Alexander Janthur, Founder and Owner of Turbine Kreuzberg. "Decentralized technologies can contribute here to improve integrity and availability, and grant a previously unattained level of security in the handling of medical information. Our proposal for a DEHR would give patients back control over their sensitive medical data. We are very pleased to have received this award for our design of the DEHR.”

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a software company from Berlin. With 150+ engineers and tech experts working at the heart of companies' digital landscapes, Turbine Kreuzberg’s teams build and operate digital commerce platforms and enterprise applications. Beyond implementation, Turbine Kreuzberg helps companies shape the right technological strategies for their business – from designing system and software architectures, to finding the right implementation models, and evaluating cutting-edge technological approaches at an early stage.