Turbine Kreuzberg and Riese & Müller Develop Technological Basis for New Mobility

July 26, 2022

  • Turbine Kreuzberg becomes technology partner for Riese & Müller
  • Premium bicycle manufacturer Riese & Müller and technology agency Turbine Kreuzberg are working on new technological approaches to enable further scaling from the strongest demand-driven growth in the company's history.
  • Turbine Kreuzberg supports Riese & Müller in expanding its position as mobility pioneer with technological expertise in the fields of data and processes.

Berlin. Berlin-based technology agency Turbine Kreuzberg officially announces its technology partnership with e-bike manufacturer Riese & Müller today. In the future, Riese & Müller and Turbine Kreuzberg will be working together to develop a new technological paradigm in the field of system architecture and data models. The goal is greater flexibility, with which the premium bicycle manufacturer is preparing for future usage models in the mobility sector.

Turbine Kreuzberg accelerates Riese & Müller's digital initiatives.

Founded in 1993 by its namesake business partners Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, the company has since become an internationally renowned premium manufacturer of e-bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes. Against the backdrop of the mobility revolution, the company currently sees a lever for growth and relevance in the digitalization of its products and services. Production data, product data, and customer data, as well as ride data, must be able to flow and be processed smoothly between the individual systems. This applies all the more to the scaling and increasing internationalization of Riese & Müller's business. The Berlin-based technology agency will assist with more modularity and expandability in digital processes, databases, and system components.

"In the course of the continued digitization of our products, the amount of data being generated is increasing rapidly – especially in the areas of vehicle-to-vehicle or vehicle-to-X. Together with Turbine Kreuzberg, we now want to rethink the architectural interplay of individual systems in a new and holistic way," explains Dr. Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Müller.

Riese & Müller is intensively developing new mobility and usage models and expanding its service offering and digital sales landscape. The partnership with Turbine Kreuzberg serves to bring flexibility to the expansion of the business model and to create the technological conditions to quickly implement and roll out new offerings. In doing so, creating added value to be front and center of digital activities, while the entire lifecycle of a bicycle will be mapped through digital processes. In this way, bike and rider will take center stage.

Alexander Janthur, CEO and founder of Turbine Kreuzberg, emphasizes: "We are in the midst of an enormous change in mobility driven by climate change, pandemics and urbanization. E-bikes and cargo bikes are playing an increasingly important role – there is a lot of movement in the market. To keep scaling successfully, it will be crucial for Riese & Müller to stand out with the help of digital services and offers. We want to help increase tech ownership via data and digital processes, which we are building for maximum flexibility and global scalability."

"Together with Turbine Kreuzberg, we now want to rethink the architectural interplay of individual systems in a new and holistic way."
– Dr. Sandra Wolf, CEO at Riese & Müller

Digitization without training wheels

The intelligent connectivity of e-bikes and cargo bikes is a key success factor in the design of high-performance, sustainable mobility. In the future, innovative technologies and new digital services will support riders individually and provide them with important information about their e-bikes.

With RX Connect, Riese & Müller has already developed an approach for the digital expansion of its e-bikes, in which connectivity hardware in the bike enables digital services and telemetry. The focus is always on the benefits and the riding experience of the rider. The goal: 100 percent of all Riese & Müller e-bikes will be connected through RX Connect.

"We want to show that the way we do business can be rethought and something can indeed be gained as a result. In this way, we want to bring others along for the ride in order to achieve something collectively and cooperatively – especially in the mobility sector, but also beyond," says Dr. Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Müller.

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a technology agency based in Berlin. With its broad technological expertise, the agency is able to cover the entire application lifecycle. It implements digital projects across the three areas: Platform Technology, Application Management and Tech Innovation. Turbine Kreuzberg's teams support companies in implementing new platforms, technically operating applications and advancing existing solutions. In addition, the agency tests emerging technologies, develops prototypes to market maturity and is actively involved in technological research projects. In addition to its headquarters in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the more than 120 tech experts work at offices in Faro (Portugal).

About Riese & Müller
Riese & Müller is a German premium manufacturer of e-bikes, cargo bikes and folding bikes. Founded in 1993 by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, the company now employs 700 people at its site in Mühltal near Darmstadt and sells worldwide through an exclusive network of specialist dealers. In addition to the two founders, Dr. Sandra Wolf has been responsible for the strategic direction of the company as Managing Director since 2013. With its innovative products and as an expert for cargo bikes and fast HS bikes, Riese & Müller shapes the mobility of tomorrow and stands for a sustainable lifestyle, application-oriented product development and forward-looking e-bike technologies. In addition to the continuous further development of its products, responsibility for people and the environment is part of Riese & Müller's overall strategy. The company is guided by its four pillars of responsibility: culture, ecology, social issues and economy.