Changes in Turbine Kreuzberg Leadership Team

Press Release

Berlin – October 2020. On November 1, 2020, Daniel Nill will leave his position at Turbine Kreuzberg and join Linger Consulting in the role of partner, thereby returning to his home region in Heilbronn. In the course of this move, Turbine Kreuzberg is streamlining its management team: In the future, the Berlin digital agency will be managed in even closer collaboration by its existing leadership team, consisting of CEOs Alexander Janthur, Peter Breuer and Christopher Möhle.

Alexander Janthur, owner and CEO: "We are deeply grateful to Daniel Nill for his excellent work over the past five years and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. Of course, we continue to be passionate about the same technological topics – and we will remain close in the future, both as friends and regarding our shared professional interests."

Following his start in 2016 as Senior Consultant at Turbine Kreuzberg, Daniel Nill was appointed CEO in April of 2018 and was responsible for the B2B business and the region of Southern Germany, as well as Switzerland. Most recently, he set up and managed the agency’s Tech Venture unit, which Timothy Becker will be responsible for in the future.

About Turbine Kreuzberg
Turbine Kreuzberg is a digital agency from Berlin. As a project partner with a high level of technological expertise, the company develops digital platforms that digitize and automate corporate processes – from procurement and production, to sales and logistics. In this way, Turbine Kreuzberg opens up new opportunities for businesses and society to interact and conduct trade. Technologically, Turbine Kreuzberg's focus lies in the fields of digital commerce, blockchain and IoT/sensor technology. The 100 experts work at offices in Berlin, Faro (Portugal), and Leipzig.

Turbine Kreuzberg specializes in developing digital platforms. The main focus areas of its 100 tech experts are in the areas of digital commerce, Blockchain & decentralization, and IoT.

Timothy Becker will lead Turbine Kreuzberg's Tech Venture Unit.