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We are looking for a full-time Learning & Development Specialist in Berlin or remotely based in Germany to assist our team at the earliest possible date.


  • Learning & Development Specialist to start asap in Berlin (or remotely based in Germany).
  • Focusing on providing an excellent training and development experience.
  • Skillset: Experience in the Tech industry is a plus.

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The Position: Learning & Development Specialist

Our Learning & Development Specialist is responsible for managing the entire employee training cycle. They gather requirements, assessments, and diagnoses to build and continuously refine our L&D processes. To do so, they collaborate with other departments and teams agency-wide, as well as with senior leaders.

Our L&D specialist's goal is to guarantee an excellent training and development experience. To achieve this, they will embed innovative learning and development practices at Turbine Kreuzberg that identify our current and future skill requirements, making it possible to create flexible learning tactics that meet the different needs of our teams.

Finally, our L&D specialist is responsible for identifying and selecting key courses, workshops, and other learning opportunities, giving Turbine Kreuzberg employees the tools to shape their careers to their utmost potential – both today and in the future

Our Agency

At Turbine Kreuzberg, we strive to deliver software that creates real value. Our teams develop digital platforms, implement trailblazing projects with blockchain technology and accelerate supply chain automation through IoT. For each project, we develop a joint vision and an ideal implementation strategy together with our clients and partners. And then? We get to work building the right technological solution.

We are experts in platform models and deliver suitable technologies for every project – whether for marketplaces that bring together many users in different roles, B2B procurement platforms that map large assortments and product data volumes or service platforms that establish completely new usage models. We excel at combining technologies and are proud of our reputation: we get things done.

Our Tech Stack

Our Learning and Development Specialists mainly use Jira, Confluence, Miro & Notion but always seek the best new tools to guarantee efficiency and constant evolution. Regarding the technical aspect of our projects, we mainly use PHP and JavaScript, in collaboration with the most popular frameworks.

Learning is at the core of Turbine Kreuzberg’s strategy as it keeps us sharp and ready for the future, always regarding past experiences and growing pains. In our fast-changing environment, growing and adapting keep us up to date. We manage to do so by following the latest trends and working technologies, and updating our company skills. To step outside our comfort zone and have breakthrough ideas, we must always be willing to learn and develop as an individual and as a Turbine Kreuzberg collective.

Still, nothing is set in stone. Win us over with a new approach and we’ll change course.

Our Workflow

We give you room for creativity. Make project or development recommendations, take the initiative and assume responsibility. That’s how code libraries, new processes and a company spin-off in Portugal all came to be. Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword for us. Some of us love our four-day work week, while others prefer to work fully remotely from home or on an island. Putting this vast freedom to use, you can become the designer of your own agency.

We work in interdisciplinary Scrum and Kanban teams, which are always arranged based on the project and each have their own specific freedoms. As a result, we are agile, flexible and facilitate the best solution, not the ego. We believe nothing is better than working in a team. That we do pair or even mob programming as a standard proves it.

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Don't check all the boxes – or different ones altogether? Don't let that stop you. We always like an opportunity to learn and teach new skills. Apply and add your experience to our mix!


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