Technology is what drives us – and is your springboard to the future

Business models and products can change over time. But to adapt to changes, the underlying technologies have to adapt as well. Sometimes all this takes is a standard system, perhaps a framework, and other times a combination of the two. Established libraries that have already been put to the test are added to this. And because we are well-versed in a number of different systems, we can offer objective advice.

Our Tech-Set


We use frameworks to create dynamic and unconventional commerce models, such as marketplaces and service platforms. First, we define the core processes of the business model. Then we build on this solution.

We use Spryker to implement e-commerce-based business models, and Symfony for everything else.


If the project requirements can be met using the features of a standard system, we will build on this standard system for you. For B2C and B2B product platforms. For corporate websites, we also use content management systems.


We value the work others have done and continue to build on it. Using established libraries speeds up the journey to the final outcome.