Marketplaces and success: we connect the two

This is how sellers and customers find each other. We turn business models into digital marketplaces that we develop into custom solutions with frameworks like Spryker. This way, we can meet your requirements both in terms of users and the technology – no matter whether it’s in marketing, category management, customer service, or accounting.

Therefore we rely on strong technologies

Customized commerce models

We have experience transforming the product flows of different providers into a marketplace and know what it takes when it comes to marketing, category management, customer service, and accounting. During implementation, we utilize advanced frameworks like Spryker, allowing us to design solutions for these individual e-commerce models.

We are marketplace experts

  • Focus on merchant-customer experiences
  • Manage and channel distributed systems
  • Three Spryker projects completed and four in progress
  • Three Spryker teams with different specializations