What drives us every day? Being able to shape the future with technology. For our clients, for business and society, for ourselves. That's why we put emerging technologies to the test in tangible projects. As a first mover, we are able to find technological approaches fit to address completely new challenges. With a tech stack that combines platform technologies with IoT/sensor technology and blockchain.

Our Technology
Innovation Services

Research & Development

We identify emerging technologies at an early stage, evaluate them for their benefits and find areas of application. And build technology projects to demonstrate what they can do.


By developing MVPs, we quickly bring tech innovations and new business models into productive use. And with direct market knowledge, we keep on improving them.

Tech Consulting

We create holistic strategies ready to shape the technological future. And we turn them into practicable goals, roadmaps and projects, so companies can fulfill their potential.

A single right approach? Doesn't exist.

To make informed technology decisions easier across the board, we evaluate and test emerging technologies. We do this through exploration, by initiating projects ourselves and continuously expanding our expertise.

And we do it together. With our clients and partners, we develop innovation projects that fit the challenge at hand. With a toolset that ranges from early analysis workshops and technical prototyping to a fully operational tech strategy.

Blockchain / Health


A decentralized, open digital health record to enable a secure exchange of medical data. Information is stored decentrally using IPFS, while blockchain is used to log changes and regulate data access.

Blockchain / Contracting


A highly secure, decentralized solution making it possible to negotiate agreements, such as contracts, with multiple parties simultaneously and sign them.

IoT / Supply Chain


A modular cloud platform for entirely automating procurement. Sensors along the supply chain track inventories and movement of goods in real time, leading to data-driven decisions.

Blockchain / Real Estate


A decentralized platform for asset tokenization. Users can manage assets, such as real estate, over time and keep track of changes and documents together, increasing trust and traceability.

The digital world is becoming decentralized.

The next technological change is in full swing. What it's called? Decentralization. Web3 will fundamentally change how people and machines establish trust, handle data, and carry out transactions. Blockchains (and other DLTs), smart contracts, and distributed data storage are fueling the development of entirely new business models. And new technological opportunities are opening up for established business sectors as well.

The physical and digital worlds are merging.

At the same time, the Internet of Things is becoming one of today's most important tech fields – from connected e-bikes to intelligent construction machinery, and warehouse logistics with fully integrated sensor systems. Sensor technology is becoming increasingly available, affordable and adaptable. At the same time, cloud platforms and open IoT frameworks are lowering the hurdles to integrating IoT in one's own company. This enables a new level of transparency, productivity and efficiency in the value chain.

Tech Stack



We have big plans.

These are the technological developments that we aim to put to use. With MVPs that prove what is possible with decentralized technologies and IoT in a wide variety of areas. We are working on secure, patient-centric data exchange in healthcare. On full procurement automation, too. And on asset tokenization and multi-party agreements as well.

That means: we're ready. Digital twins for production machinery, automated processing of insurance claims, decentralized energy trading... or a completely different idea? Let's get started.

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