The decentralized reset for digital health

Imagine: Every person in Europe has digital access to the entirety of their medical data – and can decide what to do with it at any time. Sounds utopian? We're making it come true. With blockchain.

We are developing the decentralized health record, or DHR for short. With it, we're creating a decentralized operating system for all actors in the healthcare sector – from patients, doctors and care personnel to laboratories or pharmacies.


With the decentralized medical health record, patients have sovereignty over their data: They decide whom to grant access to their health record and for what express purpose. The data itself is stored in encrypted form and transferred by encrypted transmission.

Data sovereignty for patients

The decentralized medical health record enables all persons to document their personal medical data in a tamper-proof manner and to share information with each other. The general practitioner has a new diagnosis? Her patient gets notified immediately. She would like to see a specialist's findings? The patient decides who gets access.

Our vision: Every person in Europe determines what happens to their own medical data.

We are making this possible through blockchain technology. Data records are encrypted and stored decentrally. All data transfers are encrypted. Access and changes are documented in the patient file.

Medical data is among the most sensitive data available. Using decentralization, we're returning data sovereignty where it belongs: with the patient.

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