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We are looking for a full-time DevOps Engineer in Berlin, Faro or fully remote to assist our team at the earliest possible date.


At Turbine Kreuzberg, DevOps Engineers are first and foremost people who use their experience to find simple solutions to difficult tasks. Our engineers are in the now. To keep it that way, they are always looking for the next tools for our pipeline. And sometimes send code upstream.

Turbine Kreuzberg develops future-oriented product platforms, marketplaces, individual applications and optimizes platforms. With strategy, technology and design in Berlin, Leipzig and Faro (Portugal).

The only person we're missing now is you. Because when you're not expanding your horizons at hackathons, meetups or conferences, you prefer working with Docker, Kubernetes or Swarm – in manageable sprints, on well-planned projects and in competent teams. You are not afraid of setting up complex infrastructure and have already gotten to know systems like TravisCI, Jenkins or GitlabCI personally - we build our Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines ourselves. Ansible, Puppet or Chef are your closest friends, Bash, Debian/Ubuntu, Git your home and Nginx, PHP-FPM, golang and node.js your extended circle of acquaintances.


And now?

We give you space and time to bend with your work. You can deliver your own project and development proposals and help shape the agency. In return, you take responsibility for what you do. This is how code libraries, new processes and an agency branch in Portugal have been created in the past. Or the 4-day week, which some of us appreciate. If you use the freedom to fill this space, you become the designer of your own agency.

We work in interdisciplinary Scrum and Kanban teams. These are always grouped around the project and are found in dedicated spaces. This makes us fast, nimble and gives a space for the best solution.

Apply now and become part of us. We offer knowledge against curiosity, space for creative will and recognition for success.


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