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We are looking for a Business Administration Executive in Berlin & Faro to assist our team at the earliest possible date. In Berlin, we are looking for someone proficient in German and English. In Faro, the ideal candidate is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Our Agency

At Turbine Kreuzberg, we strive to deliver software that creates real value. Our teams develop digital platforms, implement trailblazing projects with blockchain technology and accelerate supply chain automation through IoT. For each project, we develop a joint vision and an ideal implementation strategy together with our clients and partners. And then? We get to work building the right technological solution.

We are experts in platform models and deliver suitable technologies for every project – whether for marketplaces that bring together many users in different roles, B2B procurement platforms that map large assortments and product data volumes or service platforms that establish completely new usage models. We excel at combining technologies and are proud of our reputation: we get things done.

Our Business Administrators

These numerous large and sometimes long-standing partnerships and a company with more than 100 employees need solid backing. Our Business Administration team, consisting of experienced colleagues, ensures the success of this multi-layered challenge through clean accounting for all ongoing customer projects. In order to be able to carry out the accounting properly, our Bussiness Administrators collect and check all receipts and post them in DATEV Unternehmen Online. At the end of the year, the result is a perfect BWA and a presentable annual financial statement that tax consultants could only wish for. You can be a trained expert in your field or a career changer.

Our BAs are often dealing with Human Resources related tasks, being direct influences on the final phase of the hiring process - especially organizing contract info, and providing additional information about company policy and connected topics. They are essential to providing a great candidate experience. However, it doesn't end with new colleagues, having the chance to work closely with our current colleagues, helping them achieve the right professional conditions to thrive.

But the team in the area of personnel administration is particularly pleased about the support. Because not only the finances are in good hands with our BA team. Our colleagues are also pleased about the reliable receipt of their salaries. Our business administrators are always there, from the payroll to the transfer to the preparation of all contract documents. To this end, they are in close contact with our foreign tax offices, government agencies and authorities, among others. And if our colleagues have questions about personnel topics, they know exactly where to get answers.

Our Tech Stack

Our Business Administration team uses the common programs from the MS Suite or Google Cloud, with a focus on Word (Doc) and Excel (Sheets). Even though no one likes to use DATEV, it is still a must for accounting and payroll. More specifically, we use DATEV invoicing and order processing, "Unternehmen Online" and "Lohn & Gehalt comfort". Other tools that make life easier for the team are Lexware and Personio. Previous experience is of course a plus here, though not a must.

The conviction that a strong team is always stronger than any individual is crucial for them. Everyone takes responsibility for their own topics and works on them with a high degree of diligence, commitment and flexibility. You probably guessed it, but our Business Admin team are masters at keeping many balls in the air at the same time while staying organized. No one is better at keeping things running than them.

Our Workflow

We give you room for creativity. Make project or development recommendations, take the initiative and assume responsibility. That’s how code libraries, new processes and a company spin-off in Portugal all came to be. Work-life balance isn’t just a buzzword for us. Some of us love our four-day work week, while others prefer to work fully remotely from home or on an island. Putting this vast freedom to use, you can become the designer of your own agency.

We work in interdisciplinary Scrum and Kanban teams, which are always arranged based on the project and each has its own specific freedoms. As a result, we are agile, flexible and facilitate the best solution, not the ego. We believe nothing is better than working in a team. That we do pair or even mob programming as a standard proves it.

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